The Parking Lot Aprèser

The Parking Lot Aprèser

Beach season is in full swing here in Colorado, and we're excited for those who could snag one of the ten coveted weekend Beach spots at Arapahoe Basin this season....
December 08, 2022 — Nicole Cattin
The Craft Beer Lover

The Craft Beer Lover

Run DMC is drinking eggnog in Hollis, Queens, but in Colorado, we're more likely drinking beer from one of the local breweries. Or potentially experimenting with an eggnog beer? For...
November 30, 2022 — Nicole Cattin
The Car Camper

The Car Camper

The New Year is just around the corner, which means new resolutions centered around hitting the gym or get outside more. While we all know the familiar routine of sticking...
November 15, 2022 — Nicole Cattin
The Beachgoer - Sunscreen, a RollR 60 with Umbrella Rod HoldR, an Umbrella, and Beach Wheels

The Beachgoer

We all know Bing Crosby is dreaming of a White Christmas, but I would argue that it's up to interpretation whether he's referring to powdery fresh snow or sugary sand beaches. I would pick the former, but for...
November 11, 2022 — Nicole Cattin
Glacier cooler full to the brim with beer.

How to Pack Your RollR

The colder weather has arrived here in Colorado, but Team RovR won’t let that put a damper on our outdoor adventures or our desire for an ice-cold beer. The RollR’s...
October 27, 2022 — Nicole Cattin
Sophia Scott gathers with family around the KeepR

The Howling Wolf Strikes Again

If there's one thing that brings Team RovR together more than coolers, it's music. On the third episode of RovR Radio, Song writing as speed dating, camping vs. glamping, campfire songs and...
July 12, 2021 — Nicole Cattin
Group walks down the street with snowboards and skis on their back.

The Ring of Fire

This journey began with ambition. Nicholas Cahill, he’s full of it. A dream of his for quite some time now was to snowboard the majority of the Cascade volcanoes, referred...
June 18, 2021 — Nicole Cattin
Matt Mosely swimming the Green River

There's a new Howling Wolf on the airwaves.

We’re excited to officially announce the launch of RovR Radio, a podcast where our founder, Tommy DeFrancia, talks cool things with cool people.  The first episode of RovR Radio -...
May 04, 2021 — Nicole Cattin
Couple sits on top of the mountains with their RollR at sunset.

The Lovers Passport

When California announced its stay-at-home order last March, a serious case of cabin fever ensued just outside of Ventura. Instead of succumbing to boredom and redecorating their house five times,...
March 31, 2021 — Nicole Cattin
Tom wakesurfing

10 Questions with Tom

On this edition of RovR ‘Round the Fire, we sat down with Tom DeFrancia, founder and CEO of RovR Products. Throw a few logs on the fire, and sit back...
March 11, 2021 — Nicole Cattin
Woman straps into snowboard

Join us in #Crush(ing) It 4 Climate

Outside isn’t just another place we’ve frequented this past year. 

Outside is where we spend approximately 93% of our time away from RovR HQ (or at least where wish we spent that much time).

February 28, 2021 — Nicole Cattin
Group gathers around fire pit on a snowy afternoon.

Corbin Spring, the Bearded Brother of the RovR Fam

Corbin Spring is the head of Bearded Bros Media and for good reason. His beard is one to behold and his photography merits are even longer than his lengthy quarantine beard. Needless to say, this RovR ‘Round the Fire covers the formation of Bearded Bros Media and  the adventures Corbin has had along the way.
February 15, 2021 — Nicole Cattin