If there's one thing that brings Team RovR together more than coolers, it's music.
On the third episode of RovR Radio, Song writing as speed dating, camping vs. glamping, campfire songs and ghost stories, Tom sat down with Country music singer-songwriter Sophia Scott to talk all things Nashville, and camping. Sophia shares her favorite camping activities, food and cocktails, and her own scary ghost story.
While on the topic of scary ghost stories, listen to the fourth episode of RovR Radio, Campfire stories are warnings, where Tommy joins senior film critic Walter Chaw. It's scary ghost stories and films like Wet Hot American Summer and Friday the 13th that deter Walter from camping and participating in other outdoor activities. Listen to this episode to hear what essentials you should pack, even if camping is not on the itinerary.
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July 12, 2021 — Nicole Cattin

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