BikR™ Kit


Because biking beats lugging. Every. Single. Time.

Behold! This magical tow arm connects your RollR® to your bike, and that means two things. One, your bike party just got more awesome. And two, you now don’t have to rely on four wheels to haul your stuff back and forth from the park, market or outdoor throw down.

It’s also lightweight and easy to use - the bracket installs in minutes. Just pop off the plate and replace it with the tow bracket and you’re on your way.

If your RollR® already has a BikR™ Bracket installed, you only need a BikR Arm.

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RovR Products BikR Kit Review
BikR Kit is fun!!

We hooked up our RovR cooler to fat tire bike using the BikR Kit and took off for our favorite river beach spot. 20 minutes of single track, double track, a cornfield and a rock beach later we were comfortably set up and enjoying our favorite beverages!

Piquette D.
United States United States
bikR ok, cooler didn’t live up to hype

Idea behind cooler features very cool (no pun intended). With one issue m….Had Rovr cooler sitting next to yetti cooler of comparable size outside RV during tailgate. Opening/closing of each around the same. Both coolers in exact same sun exposure, ice melt within same day significantly more within rovr cooler. Not a scientific/qualitative comparison; just qualitative common sense observation

Ron M.
United States United States
Ease of Transport

Even on a bike! Works very well and take minutes to install. Everyone wants to know...what cooler it that?...

Charles A.
United States United States


Jim M.
United States United States

Buttery smooth. Connection is tight and fast. So awesome

Douglas M.
United States United States

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