DeckR Series for RollR 60


The three-piece DeckR Series decks out the RollR cooler into a master chess set, comfortable seat and traction packed platform. The DeckR Magnetic Pad hides five embedded magnets to provide quick, switch-and-swap area for the DeckR Game Board and Cushion. All DeckR Series products securely attach to each other so you still have full access to your scrumptious cooler contents.

  • DeckR Series Magnetic Deckpad (Qty: 1)
  • DeckR Series Seat Cushion Top Green (Qty: 1)
  • DeckR Series Magnetic Gameboard (Qty: 1)

DeckR Series only currently works with RollR 60. Stay tuned for more DeckR Series in the future!

The Pull Anywhere Party Box

DeckR Series

Magnetic Deck Pad | Seat Cushion | Gameboard

The Fun Starts Here

DeckR Magnetic Pad

The DeckR Magnetic base secures to the top of your RollR cooler and turns the top of the RollR into a multi-use platform system. The high-density foam pad makes for a perfect traction pad when launching for the perfect heel-tap, or just trying to tie those pesky kiddo's cleats.

Five hidden magnets are embedded in the DeckR base which provides quick, switch-and-swap area for game boards, seat cushions and more.

The Fun Starts Here

DeckR Seat Cushion

The DeckR Seat Cushion is a 2-in. EVA foam, weather resistant seat cushion that turns the top of your RollR into a comfortable seat. The DeckR seat cushion attaches with five magnets for a secure fit and easy switch-and-swap ability.

Check Mate

DeckR Gameboard

The DeckR Game Board attaches turns the top of the RollR into a full fledged game board. Backgammon, checkers, chess and more!

The game board is fully magnetic meaning your pieces stay where you put them. No more cheaters when grabbing a cold one.