The colder weather has arrived here in Colorado, but Team RovR won’t let that put a damper on our outdoor adventures or our desire for an ice-cold beer. The RollR’s Internal DeepFreeze DryBin allows your meats, cheeses, fruits, and veggies to stay cold and crisp, unlike other rotomolded coolers’ basket that rests at the top, which just happens to be the warmest part of any cooler. 

Here are some tips to keep your bevies cool, and the good vibes cooler. 

Air is the enemy of ice retention.

Large pockets of air inside your RovR will accelerate melting as the ice is consumed by cooling the air. Fill empty spaces with extra ice or more cold cans of your favorite beverage.

The cooler your RollR, the better.

Here’s a little science for ya. If your RollR is warm when you put ice in it, the ice will be wasted cooling down the RollR. The solution? Preload your RollR the night before with a sacrificial bag of ice to cool it down.

Extra points if you dedicate the sacrifice to the camping gods.

Not all ice is created equal.

“Warm” ice is around 32 degrees and is usually wet or dripping. This typically includes ice from your freezer's ice machine. For obvious reasons, it doesn’t last long. When filling your RollR, go for the “colder” ice that’s less than the freezing point and typically dryer.

Cubed Ice vs. Block Ice.

The showdown of the century! Smaller, cubed ice will chill a RollR and its contents quicker, but block ice melts at a much slower rate. Why choose just one? Use a mix of both types to chill contents, and achieve long-term ice retention. Throw in a couple of our BlockRs as well for maximum chill.

If you’re looking for spooky vibes during more than just spooky season, our coolers are compatible with dry ice. When used in a RollR, it can keep food and drinks cold for even longer than regular ice.

We may thrive in the sunlight, but ice doesn’t.

This may be obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that ice can last up to twice as long in the shade. Keep your RollR out of direct sunlight when possible.

Only open your RollR when necessary.

Think about this: every time you open your RovR, you’re exchanging the cold air inside for warm ice-melting outside air. Moral of the story? Do a headcount to see if anybody else wants another round before grabbing your beverage. Not only is it a nice thing to do, but you’ll also save cold air by reducing the number of times your RollR is opened.

Don’t drain the water.

Even after the ice melts, the cold water helps to insulate the remaining ice. Just remember to keep exposed food out of the water for sanitary purposes. 

October 27, 2022 — Nicole Cattin


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