Corbin Spring is the namesake of Bearded Bros Media, and for good reason. His beard is one to behold, and his photography merits are even longer than his lengthy quarantine beard. Needless to say, this RovR ‘Round the Fire covers the formation of Bearded Bros Media, and the adventures Corbin has had along the way.

Corbin had his eye on RovR for a while. In the midst of being a graphic designer, he realized that crappy stock photos weren’t cutting it anymore, so he picked up a camera and started to create his own photos to get the branding job done. Fast forward a couple years and Corbin had a handful of clients and a business to match: Bearded Bros Media. He found that shooting for local Colorado companies was more his style and RovR started to get more in the picture. The last push to really solidify Corbin as a part of the RovR team was having the same chiropractor as our man Kyle Fulmer, RovR’s Director of Operations. Sometimes all it takes is the small world connection to bring together two people that appreciate adventure and premium outdoor gear.

Warming hands next to fire

Coming to RovR, Corbin thought RovR had a lot to offer. “I think that people look at RovR as a company that makes sweet rolling cooler wagons and these cool ice chests, but I honestly think that they make products that make things easier for you to use. They are not necessarily just a cooler company, they make products better; they make them useful and are changing what’s kind of already out there.”

Al bootpacking up Berthoud with his skis on his shoulder

The Berthoud Backcountry Day

Although it sounds pretty contradictory, RovR has products that not only keep your snacks and drinks cold, but they can keep them warm too, making it perfect to bring for après ski after a long day of work. Recently, the RovR team headed up to Berthoud Pass to kick off the day with some backcountry fun and round it off with tailgating shenanigans. Corbin said the whole hang out was going well, you know, until it wasn’t. 

Typical of Colorado weather, thing changed in an instant. “It was fine for a while, we were shooting and then all of a sudden it started dumping on us, typical on Berthoud. It really wasn’t bad, about 30 degrees out and all of a sudden it starts dumping and ripping wind on there.” Its classic, one has to experience sun, snow, sleet, fog, and thunderstorms in one day to feel like a true Coloradan.  

Bringing the KeepR along helped bring some smiles and warmth back to the group, with everyone dolling out hot toddies and soup to keep the après spirit alive.

Steam coming out of KeepR

Low Expectations, High Stoke

Other than hitting the backcountry, Corbin’s main sense of adventure comes from fly fishing. He had an a-ha moment on an adventure with his dad several years ago.

“We toured around Northern Mexico and fly fished for a solid week or two - no reservations, no agenda, no nothing. Just found rivers that had fish, fished it all day, camped, and then went to a new spot. That was a blast.”

With fly fishing, Corbin sees it as this all encompassing, passion driven, ever changing sport. For him, “It’s one of the few things that totally engulfs my brain, I can’t think of anything else and it’s hard to slow me down in that regard. It’s one activity that I can focus on that and that alone. And there’s always learning to it, you can never master it which is pretty cool.” 

There’s something for all of us, whether it’s fly fishing in Mexico, backpacking along the Colorado trail, or snowboarding down steep tree runs - we find ourselves getting lost in the journey, thriving in the low expectation trips, and still finding light when things go wrong. It’s the endless cycle of being outside and loving every second of it. 

RovR TumblR keeping drinks warm in a snowstorm.

At the end of the day, we come together to share our adventure stories ‘Round the Fire. 

Jordan Eckes, ShreddR

February 15, 2021 — Nicole Cattin


Tommy D said:

The bearded one is awesome!

Tommy D said:

The bearded one is awesome!

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