RovR is more than just a two-wheeled contraption that you can put your beer in to make it cold.

RovR makes me think of the ShreddRs, the Pow FindRs, the Rugged CampRs, the Fun HavRs - the RovR community is all about getting out and having a good time. I don’t know if I could say the same about other companies out there. RovR is more than just a cooler. I mean, it’s not even a cooler. If you wanted a cooler, you could hop on over to your closest gear shop or borrow one out of your grandma’s garage, but who would want to do that?

Group of friends jump off coolers at a campsite.

RovR to Me

I stumbled on RovR while working at Warren Miller Entertainment. I was a part of it, that intangible dream that you always think about but seems so far away. I’ve been watching those ski movies since I was a kid, always wanting to be a part of the ski lifestyle that everyone craves. At the age of 21, I found myself almost there. I was going to CU Boulder, one of the most prestigious party schools in the country, studying on the weekdays and skiing on the weekends. “Getting after it” was not just a motto to live by in Boulder, it was a lifestyle you found yourself doing day in and day out.

Group gathers at Camp RovR

Long story short, I became friends with a good co-worker and ShredR friend of mine through Warren Miller and CU. She was driven, quirky, and had the same dreams of keeping her ear to the ground in the outdoor industry as I did. And as we all know about the world these days, small worlds just become smaller. She kept at it, sticking with the outdoor industry and joining RovR. She later reached out to me to be apart of the RovR Fam and I thought why the hell not? So here I am, becoming the influencer I’ve always wanted to be and giving you the fresh perspective on what’s what in the outdoor industry. Along the way, we’ll find some pretty cool people that understand the RovR way - what it means to be a part of the community that haves fun and likes to get shit done.

Group Cheers over a KeepR

RovR embodies that get after it feeling you have right before you see the first snow, the mountain around the bend, the first pitch you are about to climb, the fish you are about to catch, the jump you are about to send, and the beer you are about to crack after summiting. It’s the finger sweating, giddy feeling that you get right before you do something bigger than big. The RovR Fam understands the feeling, whether they are the weekend warriors or the true vagabonds, they venture out to stoke that fire and come back with a story to tell.

Instead of having a relaxed day inside, grab your RollR, pack it full beer, seltzer, kombucha, or even your favorite cold brew and have an adventure. And if you’re really feeling fancy, add some eggs and bacon for your next early morning, dawn patrol breakfast burrito. 

Woman pulls RollR 45 across campsite.

Because remember, your basecamp isn’t at the bottom, it’s at the top of the mountain. 

So, get Rollin’.

Jordan Eckes, ShreddR

January 21, 2021 — Nicole Cattin


Tommy D said:

Love the blog and love being a part of the family!

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