Beach season is in full swing here in Colorado, and we're excited for those who could snag one of the ten coveted weekend Beach spots at Arapahoe Basin this season. So whether you're eyeing one of the last weekday spots on The Beach or would prefer to make the Alpine Lot at Copper the center of your celebration, Team RovR wants you to be the life of any and every parking lot party.

RollR Beach Wheel Kit

Turn your RollR into the ultimate beach (at Arapahoe Basin) cooler with the RovR Beach Wheels. Load up all your food, beverages, and beach gear to easily transport your relaxation oasis across deep sand (powder) to your favorite place by the water (lift). From now until December 15th, you can buy a RollR and get a Beach Wheel Kit for 50% off. Make sure both items are in your cart, and the discount will automatically apply!

Prep Board

So you can chop stuff up without restricting access to what's inside. Whether you're cutting limes for the adults or PB&Js for the kids, this AnchR-compatible table is the cutting board you're looking for. Reach in, prep, and repeat.

Hestra Gloves

Nothing is worse than frozen fingers. Well, I know there are worse things, but it's hard to convince yourself otherwise when your fingers are cold. That's where Hestra comes in. These Fall Line Mitts have kept my fingers warm for years and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. Bonus points - they're windproof, keeping your fingers cold no matter how exposed the chairlift is.

Mini Cornhole

There is nothing an office of Midwesterners loves more than cornhole. Think office cornhole tournaments with a traveling trophy. So what's better than Backpacking-sized cornhole to train for said tournament wherever you find yourself? We need help to think of much. This mini cornhole setup is also perfect for making friends with your parking lot neighbors.

Camp Table

Whether sitting down for a gourmet parking lot breakfast or "working remotely," this lightweight, packable table is perfect for the Parking Lot Aprèser in your life.

Comfortable Chair

This loveseat is the ultimate chair with room for two butts, four arms, and two beers. Perfect for buckling up your boots, taking a midday nap, or catching up with an old friend.


I wouldn't be surprised if you've seen me out and about with this camp stove. From Zion to Grand Teton and all the ski resort parking lots in between, this camp stove has traveled the country with me. Not only is it perfect for camp quesadillas and makeshift office lunches, but this camp stove is also perfect for parking lot pancakes. And hash browns. And whatever breakfast for après food you're in the mood for. Of course, the Glacier-adjacent minty color is a bonus!

December 08, 2022 — Nicole Cattin

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