RollR® Beach Wheel Kit



Hot-rod your RollR into the true champion of the sand with RovR Beach Wheels.

These bad boys float effortlessly over flip-flop eating sand pits, rocky shoreline jaunts off trail, broken beer bottles…you name it. The bomber wheels you’re looking for to whisk your well-earned beverages and essential beach kit swiftly to your cherished waterfront sanctuary.

This comprehensive kit boasts two RollR® Beach Wheels, two axle nuts, and a Beach Wheel axle, ensuring a crayon-simple installation process. While the Beach Wheels maintain a consistent size across all three RollR models, it's important to note that the axle size may vary.

Kit includes two RollR® Beach Wheels, two axle nuts, and a Beach Wheel axle. Beach Wheels are the same size for all three RollRs, but the axle size varies.

Toes In Water. Drink In hand.

The RollR Beach Wheels

At almost 40% larger, the RollR Beach Wheels effortlessly glide over sandy terrain making rolling to your favorite toe-dipping spot easier than ever.


  • The balloon tire with its large surface area spreads out across the sand, and does not sink or get buried to create drag
  • Each wheel is custom made for performance in salt environments
  • Two ceramic bearings in each hub means these wheels roll fast and will never rust
  • Don’t sweat finding a parking place because you can tow your Beach Wheel equipped RollR behind your bike
  • Each wheel set is quick and easy to install. In just a couple of minutes, your wheels can be swapped out.
  • Eye catching design
  • The only beach wheel kit on the market where no additional modifications to the cooler are required
  • Only compatible with RollRs