KeepR™ Solid Series Cooler Caddy & IceR™ Ice Container


The KeepR™ Soft Cooler is not only a your new go-to cocktail caddy or mobile wilderness bar, it’s the modern-day version of the tried-and-true picnic basket. There’s no limit to how you can organize your goodies for every outdoor outing. Cups, utensils, plates, fruit and even cheese and crackers find a nice home, protected in separate compartments that make them available at a moment’s notice. The KeepR™ carries like a pail and rests flat on surface, so that it can be the center of attention and always open for business — Includes IceR™ Ice Container, which nests seamlessly inside.

KeepR Cooler Caddy

The Modern Day Picnic Basket


Picnics and Parties


Organizational caddy separates dry and wet items. Rugged carrying handle with foam grip. Flexible yet rigid structure secures items. Molded base grips to surfaces. Constructed with leak-proof TPU and high-density foam to keep items cool and dry.

Specs: 4 Compartment Storage


Nested inside the KeepR, this double-wall, vacuum-sealed vessel, ice is held captive in a state of pristine chillness for days upon end. This cold-keeping marvel can carry up to 3.5 lbs of ice for uninterrupted refreshment. With a cavernous volume of 3 liters, it stands as a steel monument in the land of ice and sun.

Specs: 3.5lbs. of ice, 3L Ttal storage capacity, Double-wall vacuum insulated


Epitome of Organization

Store accoutrements around the outside and clean ice (or hot beverage of soup) in the IceR.


Leakproof construction, and durable contruction means you can pack and take this caddy wherever the wind blows.

Space for a Day

Enough room for picnic essentials. Ice on the inside and everything else you need can be stored in one of the four, customizable storage holders that surround the KeepR.