The Pink Cocktail Recipe

Nothing is more refreshing than an icy, cold camp cocktail after a day of outdoor activities. This recipe for the Pink Taco creates a sweet treat that fits the bill perfectly!

With a combination of pear juice, agave, and lime, we can tell your mouth is already watering for the Pink Taco with Código 1530 Blanco. All ingredient amounts should be added according to your taste. Think of it as cocktail alchemy! Always remember to drink responsibly, friends.

The Pink Taco

  • Código 1530 Blanco
  • Pear Juice
  • Fresh Lime Juice
  • Agave

Put everything into a shaker with some ice, and strain it all into your favorite camp cocktail mug or glass (over ice or neat). Add a lime wedge and you're ready to sit back in your favorite camp chair and indulge around the campfire.

Are you interested in reading more about Código 1530's collection of fine tequilas? Check out their website today.

July 30, 2020 — Nicole Cattin

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