RollR 80


This sub-z sex machine on wheels is ready to take on the outdoors with you. It makes carrying 80 quarts of your favorite things a breeze. A cool, Summer breeze. 

Color: Desert


  • Certified grizzly bear resistant rotationally molded body and lid with anchor pins for attaching prep station and accessories.

  • Up to 10 days of ice retention depending on use.

  • Capacity in food and beverage terms: Without Deepfreeze dry bin installed: 120 cans and 20lbs. of ice. With Deepfreeze dry bin installed: 88 cans and 10 pounds of ice in main compartment and over 6 bottles of spirits upright, 10 pound sealed bag of ice, 50 quarter pound burgers, a full slab of ribs, and an assortment of breads, fruits and vegies in dry compartments.

  • High density foam insulation

  • High performance wheel assembly: 9-inch all-terrain rubber tires with interchangeable tube, aluminum hubs with 2 sealed bearings *

  • 12.5 mm stainless steel axle *

  • Aluminum pull handle with dual motocross style grips *

  • Deep Freeze removable Dry Bin with 3 compartments *

  • Airtight gasket *

  • Rubber latches *

  • Fast Flow drain plug with gasket *

  • Wagon Bin/removable storage bin *

  • Rubber non-skid feet *

  • 5 year limited warranty**

* Can be removed, replaced or repaired at home to increase the longevity of your RollR under the most extreme conditions. ** Refer to warranty on site for more info.
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RovR Products RollR 80 ReviewRovR Products RollR 80 Review

I had ordered this cooler a while ago and got it after a trip we had planned so it sat in my garage until recently. Capacity: With the dry bin removed, I was able to to fit about 50lbs of thick steaks with a thin layer of ice between layers, 1 block of dry ice near the bottom, and a block of dry ice on top. All in all, I fit about 25lbs of ice and 8lbs of dry ice in with the meat. The steaks were vacuum sealed and not frozen and I did not pre-chill the cooler. I had about 7 tomahawk cuts in there and could have fit more had I not chosen tomahawk cuts. Ice Retention: The first day, I probably got about 3 cups of melt water out of the bottom and was concerned about items near the bottom not freezing, but I didn't want to pull everything out to check. The next day (about 24hrs), the dry ice was gone and I added another 8lbs of dry ice to the top and a sprinkle of ice. I got about 2 cups of melt water. The following 3 days, I continued adding dry ice daily, but no more regular ice and had very little to no melt water. Portability: I am tall and found that if you place considerable weight in the top bin, the entire cooler can tilt back if you lift too high. For this reason, I wish the handle would go higher than just nearly parallel to the ground. My height (6'4") made rolling the cooler a bit awkward because I had to sort of crouch-walk to roll it without lifting too high and worrying about things in the bin. It is very large (see photos to gauge the size). It's a beautiful cooler but I wish the build/dimensions could be made to be more portable without sacrificing interior space as ice retention rate is average for its size. You can easily take two coolers that can hold more, yet take a similar amount of exterior space. Pros and Cons: Pros: Rolls easily Looks good The top bin Durable Cons: Low handle Large exterior vs small interior

United States United States
RovR Products RollR 80 Review
1st ROVR

I had been researching coolers for the longest time and decided to pull the trigger and purchase the RollR 80 before our latest camping trip. The cooler arrived very quickly and I can say that after our first trip, it lived up to my high expectations. It was a bit heavier than expected, but I think most rotomolded coolers are. The wheels are great and being able to pull it around our campsite was so convenient. The only downside so far has been that the small piece that screws in to hold the dry bin already broke. Hoping to get more uses out of the cooler soon.

United States United States
RovR Products RollR 80 ReviewRovR Products RollR 80 Review
You get what you pay for

After several years of research and shopping, I finally made the move to upgrade from my cheap coolers. When researching, there where many things I was looking for such as large internal dimensions, large heavy duty wheels, longer ice retention... The RovR 80 hit all those points and many more I couldn't imagine existed for coolers, such as the umbrella holder and of course the BikR kit. I was not opposed to getting the ever so popular Yeti, but It did not hit everything I was looking for in a cooler. This thing is big, heavy and heavy duty. It works great for keeping our goods cold throughout our weekend camping trips.

Mitch S.
Canada Canada
RovR Products RollR 80 ReviewRovR Products RollR 80 Review
Great Design but Poor Cooler Performance :(

I was so excited to receive the RovR RolR 80 in July 2020 the day before a trip. After reading all the positive reviews I was disappointed because it doesn't keep ice promised! Day 1, I pre-cooled the RovR RollR 80 with 20 lbs of ice the night before a recent trip and the next morning it had lost about half. I wasn't worried about that because I knew it needed to get cold. I loaded it with all the items coming out of the freezer and fridge and latched it. After arriving at our destination that afternoon we unloading all the food into a fridge at the cabin and by morning the RovR had lost almost 9 lbs of ice. So, with only beverages in it now I added another 10 lbs of ice. On day 2 we only opened it a few times and on the morning of day 3 it was almost gone??? This was advertised as "Up to 10 days of ice retention depending on use". Well...maybe in the winter in Colorado this will perform but in Arizona it didn't do any better than my old Igloo cooler for $50.00. I'm not sure if the seal is bad and not air tight or they forgot to insulate it? I guess I will see how customer service is now. The Con's: Cooling performance is not as advertised. Lucky to get a couple days of ice on a trip before needing to adding more ice. Slow response from customer service when ordering but I get there is a world pandemic going on. The Pro's : Styling is fantastic and the interior is roomy. Dry bin works as promised and is a great idea. Handles awesome for a heavy cooler. Easy to pull with the rubber tires and griped pull bar. Pulls incredibly behind my bike with the BikR kit! I bet even better with RovR RolR 45 or 65. The Essentials kit is great. The storage bin works great on top! It's a solid, rugged cooler that seems to want to go anywhere unfortunately you can pack as much in the cooler as you would like too because you need to pack more ice than anticipated.

Karl C.
United States United States
RovR Products

Hi Karl, 20lbs of ice really isn't enough for long term ice retention. Gotta really fill it up, and have a bag of ice in the dry bin side to extend ice retention. Empty space means the ice will melt faster. Thanks for your excellent and thorough review, and hope you continue to enjoy!! Cheers, Team RovR

RovR Products RollR 80 Review
The best cooler ever

It’s really nice. I love the compartments, the quality, the wheels, the way that I can hook it to my bike, it’s just amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone. Excellent customer service. I called to change my cooler for a smaller size and they helped me out with everything, without hesitating, I’m going to enjoy my cooler for the upcoming years, I’m more then positive that this cooler will last a life time.

Emerson T.
United States United States

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